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Precision Marketing

There is no medium that rivals the cost effectiveness and results of email marketing. CommunicatePlusTM from CyberVillage Networkers, Inc. is a full-service precision marketing solution that customizes each email message as it is sent. The Plus in CommunicatePlusTM means our marketing experts will work with yours to help you improve your results by targeting each offer more and more specifically to your recipients. Every message is branded with your image: your name, your logo, your custom layout.

Tailored Email Newsletter Management

For monthly or semimonthly news, email is an easy and effective solution. CommunicatePlusTM uses our own advanced email broadcasting technology, which merges and delivers email newsletters on your schedule. Email newsletters can be customized by region, groups, traits, or interests.

Hassle-Free, Complete Solution

Whether your needs are for marketing, news, or both, working with a broadcast email vendor has never before been such a stress-free experience. It's as easy as sending us your content and your data. Having content stress? No worry. We also write content for many of our clients, from sales promotions and wine and food reviews to membership newsletters, health and business tips, and other tailored communications. CommunicatePlusTM is an end-to-end solution, which means you won't have to worry about servers, bandwidth, HTML, bad email address tracking, unsubscribes, or any of the other technology issues associated with owning your own solution. We do all of that for you. We have an enterprise level firewall system and redundant connectivity to the Internet backbone, and we already host web sites, web applications, and manage email for many other clients.

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